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Julie Cohen is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor and founder of Mad Nutrition, LLC, which specializes in empowering people to upgrade their food choices and their life.

From preparing healthier meals at home to learning how to make better food selections on the road, clients get the skills they need to attain their health and weight loss goals. Julie works with individuals from all over the country via internet coaching programs, as well as providing on site nutritional counseling and workshops in the New Jersey area.

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Bill McHugh is a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer and CEO of BWell Fitness, LLC., a health and fitness management company that specializes in personal wellness coaching to individuals, small groups and organizations. Bill holds his Master’s Degree in Fitness Management and has 25 years of comprehensive work in exercise prescription and health enhancement. An engaging motivational speaker, Bill provides wellness seminars to corporations, hospitals and schools and delivers in-home and on-line private and group fitness training to all populations from the novice exerciser to elite athletes.
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“No gimmicks here in this very practical approach to wellness that goes beyond the usual weight loss goals to help achieve a more lasting success. Julie Cohen has created a healthy, easy to follow step by step guide that is based on nutritional science and well accepted approaches to long lasting weight loss. Bill McHugh provides the exercise program in the same way, starting at an attainable level and building over the three week period with increasing cardio and strength training. The exercises are presented with easy to follow instruction and can be done in a park or a gym. Both authors speak directly to the reader like virtual personal advisors or coaches. The program might be called a ‘jumpstart’ but the approach in this book could lead to a lifetime of health and wellness.”

Mary Ann Lofrumento MD – Pediatrician and author

21 Day Jump Start Program For Weight Loss and Wellness